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Are the Academy For Hypnosis Training Courses for Me?

If you intend to become a hypnotherapist, add hypnosis to your clinical practice in dentistry, medicine, surgery etc. or simply practice self-hypnosis to achieve your personal and career goals, then Academy For Hypnosis training courses are for you.

Core curriculum topics are highlighted in bold and form part of the minimum hours of teaching of every course. Syllabus topics vary in accordance with the requirements of specific students and groups.

Although courses may be taken in any order, Levels are designed to progress your learning in logical sequence. Completion of all three modules is required for Diploma qualification and to support a full career in clinical hypnosis.

Level 1: Foundations of Hypnotherapy
Equip you to practice hypnosis for self-development and begin working with others.


  1. History of hypnosis.
  2. What is hypnosis?
  3. Informal hypnotherapy.
  4. Cautions or contraindications for various hypnotic procedures.
  5. The hypnotherapeutic experience.
  6. The trance experience.
  7. Preparation for deepening the trance state.
  8. Deepening the trance state.
  9. Testing responsiveness/suggestibility.
  10. Hypnotherapy education.
  11. Preparation for programming.
  12. Programming.
  13. Post-hypnotic suggestion.
  14. Trance termination.
  15. Preparation for completion of hypnosis.
  16. Reversal of the trance state/completion of hypnosis.
  17. Proficiency in producing and utilising hypnotic phenomena.
  18. Induction of hypnotic states, deepening procedures and trance terminations.
  19. Self-hypnosis
  20. Self-hypnosis script
Level 2: Hypnotherapy Theory and Skills
enable you to practice hypnosis in clinical settings to reassure and relax patients during treatment.


  1. Understanding of the structures and functions of the mind as conceived in hypnotherapy and related approaches.
  2. Basic scientific understanding of various hypnotic phenomena.
  3. Understanding the nature of the subconscious mind.
  4. Theories and methods of different psychological approaches to mental and behavioural disorders.
  5. Accessing the subconscious mind through hypnosis.
  6. Principles of communication and persuasion.
  7. Principles of script creation.
  8. Script stages.
  9. Script language.
  10. Hypnotherapy in practice.
  11. Concepts of semantics and other important aspects of language use in hypnotherapy.
  12. Development of vocal skills for hypnotherapy.
  13. Physical gestures and movements in hypnotherapy.
  14. Standard trance induction.
  15. Standard induction script.
  16. Preparation.
  17. Posture.
  18. Induction.
  19. Rapid induction.
  20. Slow breathing technique.
  21. Handshake technique.
  22. Rapid induction script.
Level 3: Advanced Hypnotherapy Principles and Practice
Enable you to undertake advanced analytical hypnotherapy for patients and provide effective anaesthesia for patients undergoing invasive surgical procedures.


  1. Comprehensive assessment of clients and their problems.
  2. Hypnotherapy preparation.
  3. Pre-induction interview.
  4. Goal setting with clients.
  5. Creating the therapeutic relationship and healing environment necessary for effective therapy.
  6. Boundaries in therapy.
  7. Principles of how psychological problems are formed in the subconscious mind and how they are overcome through hypnotherapy, including the use of analytical hypnotherapy for uncovering, including age regression, abreaction, catharsis, developing understanding, client’s reinterpreting and reintegration of sensitising or traumatic experiences.
  8. Principles and dynamics of therapeutic change and inhibition on change.
  9. Motivation of client and stimulation of client’s readiness for and commitment to change.
  10. How Hypnotherapy is applied to a wide variety of problems, for example, various psychological and behavioural problems, psychosomatic and health problems, stress management and performance enhancement applications.
  11. Bespoke scripts.
  12. Specific suggestions
    • First visit/children/special care dentistry
    • Healthy eating
    • Smoking cessation
    • Oral habit cessation
    • Alcohol/drug cessation
    • Dental/needle/healthcare confidence
    • Post-traumatic stress disorder (ptsd)/dental anxiety
    • Surgery/hypnoanalgesia
    • Healing
  13. Young children’s suggestion script: magic fairy visualisation.
  14. Older children & special care adults suggestion scripts: happy place, magic numb spot.
  15. Review.
  16. Final affirmation and post-hypnotic suggestion.
  17. Follow-up visits.
  18. Development of the personal qualities of an effective hypnotherapist.
  19. Hypnotherapy for the personal and professional development of the therapist.
  20. Development and management of a professional hypnotherapy practice.
  21. Legal, ethical, equal opportunity and health and safety issues.

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