Frequently asked questions

Good question! If you’ve never tried hypnosis before, it might help to try our introductory course designed specifically with newcomers in mind. Just one hour long, you will have a chance to see and practice hypnosis for yourself. With no risk, no obligation and minimum investment you can experience this life changing therapy for yourself before deciding whether to go further with training.
Hypnotherapy is the most rapid, straightforward and powerful method known to work directly and effectively with feelings, expectations and behaviour. Hypnotherapy provides direct access to the subconscious mind. It complements and enhances the effects of meditation, reflection, mindfulness and self-awareness. If you want to help yourself and others develop intuition and creativity and make positive life changes, training in hypnotherapy is one of the best choices you can make.
Uniquely, every moment of Academy For Hypnosis training is accessible online, with our expert tutors, and accredited with the ACHE. Academy For Hypnosis webinars are your way forward. Our e-learning portal is your gateway to world class hypnotherapy training and practice – wherever you are. With Academy For Hypnosis online learning, you go at your own pace. Each lesson includes theory, principles and practice of hypnotherapy, Q & A’s and feedback. Each level builds on the last, in easy, logical progression. Academy For Hypnosis courses are designed and taught by qualified and experienced clinical hypnotherapists. Importantly, we keep up to date with best practice in the field of hypnotherapy to ensure you and your patients benefit from the most advanced techniques on offer. Our small class sizes support personalised teaching. We train you in the most rapid, effective and modern hypnotherapy techniques available for lasting and successful personal and professional development for both you and your patients. Our Diploma training programme provides a minimum of 200 hours of core hypnotherapy teaching, with an additional minimum of 100 hours of personal study and practice.  We provide extensive supervision and support to help you succeed in your assessments and start your own hypnotherapy practice. Individual supervision and mentoring are provided whenever required throughout your career. If you are ready to use hypnosis to take control of your own life and to help others, Academy For Hypnosis is ready and waiting for you. When you are a qualified Academy For Hypnosis hypnotherapist, you will feel confident in your knowledge and abilities and your patients will experience the difference.
We welcome students who have trained elsewhere and studied or worked in other professions. Often, their experience and views add to our discussions and practice. Many health care workers have told us how important and inspiring it is to hear from colleagues already trained and using hypnotherapy for various applications in their businesses. Students train with Academy For Hypnosis to deepen, widen and update their knowledge at all different stages of their careers.
Absolutely. Many students do level one simply to practise effective self-hypnosis for relaxation and self-development, or levels one and two in order to use hypnotherapy for both themselves and their patients in clinical practice. Level three diplomate training is for those who wish to take their practice to the highest level personally and professionally.
Academy For Hypnosis students occasionally take study breaks to manage life changes, interests and commitments. Depending on the length of time you have been away from training, we will discuss with you whether you are better placed continuing from where you left off or first reviewing earlier theory and practical learning to update and consolidate your knowledge and skills before advancing. You will be especially welcomed back when you are ready to return.
Effective learning and assessment relies on supervision throughout your Academy For Hypnosis training. You will be actively taught how to deliver a significant number of hypnotic techniques, language and vocal skills, speech patterns, gestures and movements. Your practice will be observed and guided. In advanced courses, you will be trained in observation, listening skills and uncovering emotional blocks and conflicts. You will facilitate age regression to revisit, process and reinterpret the roots of traumatic and emotionally sensitising events. You will be supervised throughout the development of your own techniques for closure and the programming of new healthy subconscious “scripts”. Your supervision will model and highlight the personal and professional qualities required for hypnotherapists and their practices in accordance with the code of ethics and standards of practice of the ACHE and BSH as described in the school catalogue.
Homework consists of practical exercises, viewing of live hypnotherapy video recordings and set reading. Details of recommended texts are contained in the Academy For Hypnosis course catalogue
We continually monitor your progress and discuss this with you. Examination is by supervision and continuous assessment during your training. This may involve written and practical exercises as well as input from external examiner(s). In the unlikely event you require additional training to reach an appropriate standard, you will be advised of this privately. The decision as to whether to continue will be entirely at your discretion. Your Academy For Hypnosis Diploma is attained upon successful completion of all three modules (a minimum total of 200 hours of live online classroom teaching and 100 hours of homework prescribed study) as outlined in the Academy For Hypnosis school catalogue. You will also need to have been evaluated as able to perform hypnotherapy safely and effectively on individuals seeking therapy once hypnotherapy has been deemed to be an appropriate form of intervention and not contra-indicated.
Like many therapies, hypnotherapy is currently subject to voluntary certification or registration. At Academy For Hypnosis we conform to the highest levels of standards for the profession. Our curriculum is based on the needs of clinicians and health care workers in practice and underpinned by a framework of theoretical knowledge. Following qualification, Academy For Hypnosis graduates may independently certify or register their Diploma with many respected hypnotherapy organisations in the US, the UK and elsewhere. Your Academy For Hypnosis Diploma and training is compatible with all main hypnotherapy organisation certification requirements, including the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners (ACHE) and the British Society of Hypnotherapists (BSH), both of which are recognised as having the most rigorous standards of membership eligibility. British Society of Hypnotherapy. American Council of Hypnotist Examiners
Being Academy For Hypnosis trained means you are part of our professional family, using hypnotherapy to transform your life, your business and the lives of your patients for the better. We delight in hearing from you and how you are progressing in your personal and career development. When you need expert group or one-to-one supervision and mentoring, we are available for regular or special sessions by arrangement. Simply email or call. We can reserve time for further learning, personal hypnotherapy, guidance, advice and support by telephone or online, whichever is more convenient for you.
To begin your online hypnotherapy training, group or individual supervision and mentoring, or personal hypnotherapy, contact Academy For Hypnosis or book your first course. Detailed information about Academy For Hypnosis and our training, mentoring and personal programmes is available throughout our website. We are committed to giving you the best possible advice to aid you in your hypnotherapy training and career path. We welcome enquiries for personal and professional enrichment through hypnotherapy and to arrange attendance on courses and at sessions.